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Karla is the face of KK9. With over XX years of experience with {dog related topic}, she decided to pour herself into doing what she’s always loved: surrounding herself with amazing dogs and connecting with their families. There’s nothing better to Karla than being surrounded by animal lovers. With over xx decades living all over Canada, Karla returned to the place she feels most connected with, Upper Canada and Ottawa Valley (??). Being back in the countryside, she’s provided the perfect way to continually work with the animals she loves in an area she loves. She knows the perfect spots for off-leash walking and exploration that your pet just won’t be able to get enough of. Karla has so many side hobbies she loves exploring but the best one, in her opinion, is photography. Using her trusted equipment, she makes sure that you’ll receive regular pictures of your dog having all the fun! She feels that this continues to connect pet owners with their dogs throughout the day and to build on the community of dog lovers within the Ottawa and Leeds & Grenville Region. All photographs are free for you to download and share.

Be The Best Friend Your Dog Needs!

Be The Best Friend Your Dog Needs!

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