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What Makes KK9 The Right Choice For You?

There are plenty of dog walking, boarding and training services out there. Karla launched KK9 in 2016 to provide canine services that focus on the dog and his family. Having studied training and behaviour from such experts as Cesar Millan and Sean O’Shea, Karla is a balanced trainer who is passionate about every dog’s potential. Her talent for training both people and dogs in a clear, easy-to-follow fashion will help you change your relationship with your dog.

Karla’s 8 years experience leading off leash pack walks means your dog is in calm, capable hands. She is well versed in canine body language, various play styles, and healthy social interaction among dogs.

With 2 Rottweilers and a Great Dane of her own, Karla is quite fond of large breeds but adores the smallest clients, as well. There’s a place for every dog in the pack!

Additional dogs in the household receive services at half price!

What Our Customers Say

I’m pretty sure our dog loves Karla even more than she loves us! She is beyond excited to go when picked up, and happily pooped when she is returned. And it turns out that all of her time with KK9 has made her an expert at the off-leash dog park. She is a one-year-old Golden Retriever, so we assumed she’d be hyper and jumping up on everyone, but she’s been nothing but calm and friendly AND she always comes back when called… that’s gotta be Karla’s handiwork. So happy we found KK9 and highly recommend it to everyone we know!
Lisa B.


Karla has been amazing working with our little Rottweiler puppy Hilda. She loves going for the outings every week and just could not contain herself when she sees Karla. Also absolutely recommend her in home training sessions and boarding. Just been a great experience overall working with her throughout the summer
Cassidy F.


Oakley waits every single day for Karla to come and pick him up, even though he only goes once week! We say “Karla is coming today!” and he literally vibrates with excitement! He just cant wait to see her and his buddies. He comes home tired and happy. Karla is amazing and we are so happy we found her!
Melanie M., Ottawa


Karla’s K9s Guarantee

KK9 promises that you’ll feel comfortable throughout your journey with us, providing regular walking and boarding opportunities with minimal cancellations for weather – we never cancel for a few cms of snow.

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